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Driver Gratuity is not included. Unlike many luxury ground transportation services in the Orlando area, we do not automatically charge gratuity to your final invoice. We believe that a tip is something that is earned and find it best to do the best job we can possibly do and hope you are inclined to tip generously. Customary driver gratuity in this industry is 20% and is of course, at your discretion. Keep in mind that a chauffeur's salary is based on your tips so there is a real incentive for your chauffeur to provide the highest quality service so you are truly satisfied. We also always try to have the same chauffeur who drives you to your cruise return you as well, however this is not always the case. What this means is you should always tip your chauffeur each way to avoid mistakenly not rewarding your chauffeur for a job well done. We work hard for you and a chauffeur is working an a profession where tipping is customary.

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