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How do I find my chauffeur at Sanford Airport?

As a commercial ground transportation service authorized by GOAA to operate at Orlando Sanford International Airport, we must follow rules and procedures regulated by the Sanford Airport administration. There are basically only three types of pick-ups done at the Sanford Airport:

  1. A pickup where everyone in your party arrives on the same flight.
  2. A pickup where passengers in your party are arriving on multiple flights.
  3. A pickup where you are returning a rental car at an on-site rental agency at Sanford Airport.
  1. If everyone in your party is arriving on the same flight and you have provided us your correct flight information we will meet you at the bottom of the escalators adjacent to the baggage carousel for your flight. Your chauffeur will be holding a sign bearing your name and will be standing in the designated "Meet & Greet" area near the baggage area for your airline. It is also advisable that you turn on the cellular phone with the number you provided us as soon as you land. You can always call 407-470-6008 or 407-668-1398 if you have special needs or any difficulty locating your chauffeur.
  2. If you want to travel together but your people are arriving on different flights, we simply need the flight information for the latest of the flights scheduled to arrive. This makes it possible for us to track the flight specifically for the last passenger(s) arriving so we can coordinate with the passengers who arrived earlier and guide them to the correct location to meet the latest passengers to arrive.
  3. If you are returning a rental car at Sanford Airport and the rental car return is on-site, we can arrange to meet you just inside the terminal on Level 1 on whichever side of the airport you decide to return your car to. It is advisable that you call us at least one hour before your scheduled pick-up time to inform us of your intention. We will also try to call you at the cellular number you provide 1 hour prior to your pick-up to assist you in meeting up with your chauffeur.

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