Rates for Transportation between Sanford Airport & Disney

Rates for transportation between Sanford Airport and Disney

We offer Luxury Sedans and Passenger vans for transportation from Sanford Airport to Disney. We believe the best way to save you when you travel between these two destinations, is to offer a FLAT RATE for the type of vehicle required to make your transfers comfortable. The above listed rates are competitive in the Orlando Transportation Service Industry, and you can reserve our services (vehicles and drivers) online. Follow the links above to reserve the type of transportation you need. We make every attempt to provide you all the information necessary to make your transportation experience a seamless one.

We offer flat rates for the type of vehicle we will use for your transfers from Sanford Airport to Disney

We want you to see the savings so we broke down the rates on a per passenger basis both one-way and round-trip from Sanford Airport to Disney. The total for transfers is in the column on the right. We hope this makes it even easier to understand our transportation rates. These rates are for non shared ride in a private vehicle with a professional chauffeur. All taxes and tolls and fees are included. The only thing that is not included in the rates is driver gratuity. We do not automatically charge you a driver's tip. It is up to you to take care of your chauffeur. We guarantee you will be thoroughly satisfied.


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